Abaddon Rodeo

Last night I got indicted by the thought police
’bout a nineteenth century Crapper in the foyer
A terrible idea but I got released
By a twenty-first century Twitter finger lawyer

Smooth sailing
A fly flew by with a big wake trailing
He was headed for the Abaddon Rodeo

Salvador Dali liked to twist his ‘stash
Like a web-toed tongue-tied simulacrum
With three fish eyes and a barrel full of cash
They eat it up at Sotheby’s yum-yum-yum

Smooth sailing
You don’t need to succeed if you’re good at failing
We’re going to the Abaddon Rodeo

Do you think you should
Tell people they are evil when they’re basically good?
What the hell, might as well
As long as they are buying the stories you tell

Does a midlife crises make you walk like that
To the middle of the bar with your headlights shining
No one under forty even talks like that
I guess every black hole has got a silver lining

Smooth sailing
I took a three-chord skateboard nutter off the railing
At least I got a funny video

We went down to the pit with a big drill bit
Punching through the shield to the center of the earth
Now we’re spinning and grinning like a pig on a spit
Hey, future fossils with all your net worth

Do you think you should
Tell people who are evil that they’re basically good?
What the hell, might as well
It’s only your reflection in the bottom of the well

Smooth sailing
All the boys and girls were weeping’ and wailin’
Heating up the dance floor down below
With the cutest little Rockabilly girl I know
It’s getting hot at the Abaddon Rodeo

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