Catfish Road

Cover art for Catfish Road, showing a lie where the trees are reflected as a city
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Gonna use my final hour to see if I can reconcile
Searching for a higher power
I might start looking for a holy sign or praying to god
Saving my soul saying lord I been working overtime

Got no other mouths to feed but if you choose to take me now
I’ll never get to grow my seed and play my part
I can’t afford to leave
I know I’m alone but Christ I just can’t believe
You’d kill me right here

Please let me stay another year
I’m leaving the city for good this time
Gonna follow the wind
I’ll follow my heart find out what kind of shape I’m in

I’m tired of the madness
Tired of this town
Let me take you up to Canada and show you around
We’ll go walking out on Catfish Road
Whistling a working song

Maybe we can lighten our load
It shouldn’t take too long
Forget about this place
Why go searching for the truth
When it’s staring you right back in the face

© Eric Michael Jones / Studioli

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