Ghost of Grey Squirrel

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Eric Michael Jones’ EP Ghost of Grey Squirrel features three tracks of the folk-rock variety with a humorous twist.  The first track Catfish Road starts with an acoustic Americana vibe with sing-song style vocals sung in a melancholy way. The hazy experimental sounds for the background and the line “I’ll never get to throw my seed and play my part” was foreshadowing for the weirdness to come.

Take Your Life Seriously is fun and upbeat with lyrics that go from strange to hilarious in a matter of seconds. Jones is like a blend of Dave Matthews and Weird Al, with pleasing melodies and beats that almost make you not hear the craziness of what he’s singing about. For example, if you start bobbing your head snapping your fingers, you might miss “Cover it with sex organs of plants and call it a float” or “when I’m dead and gone, some will call me right and some will call me blond”.

The final track The Painful End is even more out there with ghostly sounding vocals and lyrics listing different ways you could die or kill things. Jones’ dark sense of humor is endearing and when you’re done laughing, you’ll realize there actually is a message embedded in the oddness of Jones’ delivery.