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Squeegee Wheel Got The Worm

On Squeegee Wheel Got The Worm singer-songwriter Eric Michael Jones draws contrasts between sensible and nonsensical. Between real and fantasy. Between the extraordinary and the mundane.


The opening track, Sugar and Oil, is written from the point of view of a man being left by his lover, with whom he seems to have nothing in common. “She’s a vegetarian, she is in PETA, concerned about the ethical treatment of animals. I wear leather and I’m a meat eater but we both love to dance to the Fine Young Cannibals”. In this tenuous and coercive relationship, simply liking the same music isn’t enough to keep these opposites attracting.


Hot Personality is a lively rockabilly track thematically reminiscent of Jimmy Soul’s If You Wanna Be Happy. In short: go for the personality, not the looks, because the latter can be fixed. “Baby got boobs for our second anniversary, she gets a nose for the fifth” he sings in the chorus. The upshot is is that the man is really looking beyond the superficial for a woman with “Brains and humor… to hold my hand in society… I just want a woman who’s a little bit better than me”.


The final track is Jones’ mournful musings about how the future already overtook us while we were waiting for it to happen. Helicopter Mutant Men sees glimpses of human evolution in the laundromat, in the parking lot, and just about everywhere else. The premise is that we’ve already mutated into a species that requires technology to think and love and live. “You can pluck the passion from your heart and stick it in your carry-on case”. Think about that lyric the next time you see somebody writing a song or editing a video on an airplane.


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Squeegee Wheel Got The Worm

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