Take Your Life Seriously

Take Your Life Seriously cover art

Thing about the Great Wall
Once you’ve seen a piece of it you’ve seen it all. 

You can build a big stone boat
Cover it with the sex organs of plants and call it a float
Or you could take your own life seriously

You might want to call your kids flotsam and jetsam
Maybe you aspire to be the world’s biggest slob
Maybe you’re a go-getter, better go out and get some
Get a wife and have a dog named Bob

But you’ve got no time for fun
Gotta cover your tracks and load your gun
Take your own life seriously

At the beach or at the mall
You could rake the sand or you could sweep the hall
You might want to take your schoolwork seriously

You ought to play basketball in South Carolina
Maybe you could study those little moon rocks
Or sell a bell for every bicycle in China
Bring your money back home and play the stocks

Like a bird who cannot fly
Just pick a funny name and learn how to jump real high
Why don’t you take your own life seriously?

Drop a clock to the bottom of the sea
Put one on the moon and give a third one to me
I will discredit your logic permanently

I can prove that chaos is rational
I can prove anarchy is divine
I can prove that a single object
Can really be in two places at one time

When I’m dead and I’m gone
Some will call me right and some will call me blond
But all will agree I took my own life seriously

Thing about the Great Wall
Once you’ve seen a piece of it you’ve seen it all!
And you can take your own life seriously

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