Eric Michael Jones

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Eric Michael Jones at the piano

Eric Michael Jones is an eclectic songwriter and artist who has a flair for creating music with unexpected elements. Woven through words and melody, each song is a montage of lyrical imagery.

Capturing the energy of different flavors of rock and roll, from British Invasion to Americana, Jones has developed an engaging sound with a fierce edge.

Born in Australia, and growing up in five countries, he absorbed ethnic and cultural influences, finding music and art to be a natural way of expressing concepts that don’t easily flow in conversation.

Themes like disillusionment and anxiety might be wrapped in a bouncy pop-rock song. Or, uplifting and hopeful sentiments are sometimes expressed through darker, brooding tunes. “If a person is absorbed in the vibe you can sneak in a message. Composing and producing my own music, and collaborating with others, keeps me ever changing and growing. Thanks for listening. If my music speaks to you, follow me to hear the latest releases.”

Unreleased songs
I have a large catalog of songs that are not yet released. These are available to make your own as an original or first release. You need a password to listen so please contact me with inquiries.