Blue Camaro

Blue Camaro by Eric Michael Jones

Photo/Illustration by Eric Michael Jones

Barstool encounter with an old school chum
Who is the prettiest girl you see?
Over there serving beer to a bum
Lately she’s been coming to me

In my dreams

Black lips 
Red bolero
White lies in my 
Blue Camaro

Hey we got a problem here?
Too much flirting with other guys
Ignoring me for the past few years
Just part of her cruel disguise

I am in love with your dream
Suffer and wait downstream

It was a lightning strike
Little toe turned indigo
Shakin’ all the way down the pike
Oh my little sparrow

Started when she was nice to me
Tried to say but she said zero
Postcards laced with hyperbole
From the parking lot anti-hero

I am in love with your dream
Get ready for the trouble team

Chummy scared about the dream we shared
Tried to go but I say no no
Don’t drive man you seem impaired
Get in the back of my blue Camaro

I am in love with your dream…

Left it on a sandbar
Somewhere in Ontario
Double scar in a muscle car
Admissible bones and marrow

℗ 2023 Eric Michael Jones

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