Cover art for Take Your Life Seriously, showing a clock with a giant mosquito instead of hands

Take Your Life Seriously

You might want to call your kids Flotsam and Jetsam
Maybe you aspire to be the world’s biggest slob
Maybe you’re a go-getter, better go out and get some
Get a wife and have a dog named Bob

Cover art for Teardrops Waiting, showing a woman's head partially submerged in milk

Teardrops Waiting

There are rainbows and antennas that whisper in the night
With silence in my heart I recognize
The morning is not far I see the fading of the stars
Memory of the day precedes the light

Cover art for Crushed Velvet Man shows Eric Michael Jones in sunglasses sitting in a park

Crushed Velvet Man

The Motor City rocks like a head full of granite
We were diggin’ heavy metal before the whole planet
Got the Iggy Pop punk rock crash boom rattle
Too much grunge, we had to ship it to Seattle