Teardrops Waiting

Teardrops Waiting by Eric Michael Jones

There are rainbows and antennas that whisper in the night
With silence in my heart I recognize
The morning is not far I see the fading of the stars
Memory of the day precedes the light

Sometimes in the morning when I look upon the hill
They’re crawling through the shrubs around my house
With an ominous kind of patience that reminds me of my Daddy
With an emptiness that time could never fill

We stood there side by side with reflections in our eyes
Of a rainbow that touched the both horizons
And the air above my hair became a sickened shade of bronze
My eyes prepared to watch the sun arising

Sun is arising

I’m standing on the border and I can’t find any water
I can’t find any air and I can’t find any seeds I’d like to throw
There’s a dust storm on a lake and it’s headed this way
I just can’t believe I suffered such a blow

Sitting on your sofa with your head against my elbow
I spent the evening listening to your lies
Now I’m watching from the exit all the teardrops on the pavement
Like the teardrops on my shoulder
Like the teardrops that are waiting in my eyes
For you

Teardrops waiting in my eyes for you

Teardrops waiting in my eyes

Words and music by Eric Michael Jones – ©SR0000653637 Eric Michael Jones / Studioli

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